NEW Control Panels by Tre i Systems

Tre I Systems has a proven record in the development and manufacturing of security control panel with a platform of global experience since 1975.In the last 3 months we have successfully introduced into the global market,  2 new control panels, ideal for both small and large complex projects.

Our new panels allow the  installers to offer multiple services and user friendly management efficiency. 

Tre I Systems,  with the application of different platforms of modern transmission technology,  has realized a full form of protection at 360°.  This solution for small and large installations uses centralized assistance methods and optimizes cost efficient methods of video surveillance.

On the PDF file, below the panels marked in RED, you will note the number of functions provided by Dualcom-8 and Dualnet-6 at a price hard to believe.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your special quotation.


Download this file (TABELLA CENTRALI_ENG.pdf)TABELLA CENTRALI_ENG.pdf[Control Panel Comparison Table]111 Kb

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