Minialarm TK-2

Stand alone passive infrared with sounder incorporated to signal the presence or passage of people. This unit, based on how it is programmed, will signal the passage of people with a ding dong sound or a 2 tone alarm trigger of  30 second. 


LightGiuard MS-3

Outdoor infrared sensor light with Fresnel lens with 29 facets. The  Light Guard is used to signal the presents of intruders by switching on a halogen 500 watt. light.. This source of light can be regulated to light up from 10 sec. to 10 min. 

Until end of inventory.


Battery A-12

Alkaline12V long life battery for keychain transmitters, MG-1P and MG-3P.

Diameter:  Ø10 height 28 mm.



Battery CR-123A

Lithium 3V 1,5Ah long life battery for wireless sensors.

Diameter: Ø 35 height 17 mm

Weight: 16 gr.



Battery A-9

Alkaline 9 V long life battery.

Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 17 mm.


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