ART. 400F

Magnetic Contact ART. 400F

N.C. magnetic contact in aluminium alloy for installation on metal doors.

Dimensions: 32 x 15mm - Weight 30 gr.


ART. 420

Magnetic Contact ART. 420

N.C. magnetic contact made in brass for installation on metal doors.

Diameter Ø 7 mm - Weight 30 gr.


ART. 460

Magnetic Contact ART. 460

N.C. magnetic contact for installation on large metal doors. 

Dimensions. 20 x 50mm - Weight  150gr.


ART. 465

Magnetic Contact ART. 465N.C. magnetic contact made in brass for installation on metal doors.

Diameter  Ø 23mm.  Weight:  55gr.


ART. 450

Magnetic Contact ART. 450

N.C. magnetic contact for folding garage doors made in aluminium alloy.

Dimensions 105 x 38mm - Weight 400 gr.


ART. 456

Roller Switch ART. 456

Roller switch contact.

Dimension: 90 x 100 x 20mm - Weight 120 gr.


ART. 479

Panic Button ART. 479

Panic button for use with any control panel or for an emergency.

Dimensions: 75 x 14 x 22 mm - Weight: 80gr.


ART. 483

Panic Button ART. 483

Hold-up or panic button built in cast aluminium with key reset return. RED alarm button.

Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 27mm - Weight: 65 gr.


ART. 484

Foot Operator ART. 484Foot operated hold-up device built in ABS housing.

Dimensions: 81x 79 x 25mm - Weight: 120gr.

Minimum order 100 pcs

ART. 495

Foot OperatorFoot operated hold-up device insteel housing with key reset. 

Dimensions: 305 x 144 x 89mm - Weight: 1,60Kg.

Minimum order 100 pcs



Passive infrared sensor to be installed in a normal “Magic” 230Vca.

Outlet to turn on lights.

Range 7 meters with an angle opening of 120 °.

Until end of inventory





Download this file (SENSORE MAGIC ENG.pdf)Instruction Manual IR MAGIC Sensor[English]129 Kb

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