Small but efficient DVR capable of acting as a standalone unit or a small control panel with 10 zones. It may Arm/Disarm with a PEG-3 keychain. The DVR-10, when triggered, will send an alarm transmission to the outdoor/indoor wireless Sirens (TLM-18 VRP, TLM-21 VRP, TLM-7Solaris) and on a 4Gb SD card will make a 3 minute AUDIO/VIDEO recording of the protected area.


Do it Yourself VP-7NT Contro Panel

Compact wireless standalone alarm system. Ideal for the protection of Homes, Stores, Boats, Campers, etc. against burglary, fire, gas, hold-up or medical distress. Incorporates: an infrared sensor (coverage 12 meters), a powerful piezoelectric siren (118 dB/m)a rechargeable bat. (12 V - 700 mA). 


Do it Yourself KIT VP6-NKit  “DO IT YOURSELF” .

Totally  wireless and factory programmed. Made-up by:

  • 1 Control panel/siren VP-6N 
  • 2 infrared sensors IR-120VRP
  • 1 magnetic contact MG-1P
  • 1 power supply 230 Vca -> 14 Vdc
  • 2 keychain transmitters PEG-3

Minimum order 100 pcs.

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