TLM-30 F

Siren TLM-30 F

High power siren with electro-dynamic driver (130 dB/m). Manufactured with 2 metal protection covers. One in deep pressed aluminium and the other in zinc plated steel. Front cover is painted with epossipolyester RAL 7035 paint which gives greater protection against adverse weather conditions.




Electronic siren with built-in TAMPER against opening of front cover and removal from wall.  Robust and elegant policarbonate housing with additional protection by means of a steel zinc plated inner housing. 

New LED low current consumption & long life flasher.

Indication of control panel status (Armed/Disarmed).

TLM-13 F

Siren TLM-13 F

High power piezoelectric siren with battery backup and 2 sounds incluided (120dB/m). ABS housing with polycarbonate outer cover and metal inner cover. TAMPER protection from opening and removal from wall. Positive and negative alarm trigger commands.

Until end of inventory.


Siren TLM-39


High power electronic 2 tone siren with peak of 40 W.  Acoustic sound output 130 dB/m. ABS housing.

Current drain 1,5 A - Weight 700 gr.


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