Eg-3A new generation alarm sensor, telephone dialler, CCTV camera and alarm control system all in a signal compact elegant and robust tamper protected housing. With its ultra modern microprocessor Technology (On board Camera, R.F. Transceiver, PIR Sensor, GPRS modem, SD card memory bank) the EG-3 will in real time transmit information, images and data to your cellular telephone and your personal computer via MMS and E-MAIL.

One device with four installation modes.



The  EG-3 may be installed as:

  • SL: “Stand Alone” (armed./disarmed by means of keychain transmitter supplied)
  • HW: Installed with any hardwire installation (arm/disarmed and power form the control panel)
  • WL: Installed with a  TRE i Systems wireless control panel with “Pegaso” protocol (arm/disarmed by wireless control panel)
  • SLM: As a wireless control panel which can control up to 20 slave sensors (armed./disarmed by means of keychain transmitter supplied)

Ideal to be installed in existing hardwire installations.

By combining various technologies together, the EG-3 will keep the end user informed on everything that takes place in his home, office etc.

On the EG-3, for hardwire installation a normally closed terminal contact is provided and maybe used with any control panel (new or old). Once triggered, the unit will transmit to your cellphone and e-mail address 5 images of the protected area along with a personalized SMS which indicates the type of alarm trigger (burglary, fire, hold-up or medica distress). To the 5 memorized telephone numbers the built-in dialler can send one of 3 SMS messages having 80 characters each. 

Other characteristics: 

  • Day/Night built-in camera
  • Llisten-in function, 2 way communication
  • 2Gb SD memory for over 2000 images (32 images per alarm)
  • Possibility to require immages from remote
  • Possibility to arm/disarm the unit from remote
  • Possibility to swith on/off a dry relay for Home Automation
Download this file (EG-3 istruzioni ENG.pdf)Instruction Manual EG-3[English]4135 Kb

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