Sensore 3i-99

Triple technology intelligent sensor for indoor and outdoor installations. The sensor incorporates 2 PIR elements and a microwave detector which allows three dimensional protection of the area in which it is installed. The sensor is built in a robust weather proof housing and has built-in discrimination protection against triggers caused by small animals.







  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Immune to direct sun light.
  • Fully tamper proof.
  • Power: 10-16 Vdc.
  • Power drain:  24 mA
  • Alarm trigger time 2 seconds.
  • Immunity R..F. interference.
  • Working temperature -20° to + 70°. 
  • Maximum humidity  95%. 
  • Microwave frequency 10.525 Ghz.
  • Shock and masking sensors incorporated.
  • Dimensions:  215 x 110 x 80mm. 
  • Weight:  400gr.


Download this file (3I-99 ENG NEW 09-03-12.PUBmica.pdf)Instruction Manual 3i-99 Outdoor Sensors[English]413 Kb

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