VISION-8 Control Panel11 zone control panel of which 8 maybe programmed as: immediate, delay, day, night, normally closed or double balanced with separate trigger outputs for burglary and sabotage alarms. The other 3 zone are always armed and normally installed as Fire, Panic and Medical Distress. Microprocessor controlled. Built-in rugged ABS or Steel housing with tamper control of cover and wall removal. Alphanumerical 16 x 2 LCD display. Total of partial arming with electronic key on the front panel.

Remote total or partial arming with optional receptacles SK-8B/SK-8M or optional digital keypad DIGIT-KD. Panel may be armed for test control (chime mode). Installer may program 8 different keypads or electronic keys with different code.


  • Protection against use of false keys
  • Recyclable and non recyclable alarm trigger relay outputs (Imax 8A)
  • Automatic  4 cycle alarm cut off. 
  • By-pass on all 8 burglary alarm zones. 
  • Possibility to arm/disarm zones in groups, for day or night arming. 
  • Alarm memory on all zones. 
  • Low battery output signal. 
  • Terminal outputs for sirens with and without  battery back-up. 
  • Separate output relay terminals for Fire & Panic alarm trigger (Imax. 1A). 
  • Programmable entrance and alarm trigger time.
  • Silent or audible pre-alarm during entrance/exit time with built-in buzzer. 
  • Dedicated terminal outputs for automatic telephone diallers which signal: Low battery, Sabotage, Fire, Burglary and Hold-up or medical distress alarm triggers. 
  • Terminal output to signal control panel status armed/disarmed. 
  • 2 amp. built-in switching power supply. 
  • SMD  Technology.
  • Mains power 230Vac.
  • ABS Housing: rechargeable battery compartment 7.5 Ah 12V. Max. Dimensions: 275 x 220 x 80.          Weight: 1.4 Kg.
  • Steel Housing: rechargeable battery compartment 17 Ah 12V. Max. Dimensions: 310 x 315 x 80.         Weight: 6 Kg.


Download this file (Istruzioni VISION 8 eng.pdf) Instruction Manual VISION-8 Control Panel[English]365 Kb

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