3i-99 Solaris

Sensor 3i-99 SolarisIntelligent TOTALLY wireless outdoor triple technology sensor powered by a solar panel. This sensor incorporates 2 PIR and one microwave sensor which creates three dimensional protection of outdoor or indoor space. The sensor is water proof and totally protected against atmospheric conditions and incorporates an electronic system of discrimination against alarms triggered by small animals.

Combined with the 2 channel receiver RX2C it maybe installed with any control panel






  • Microprocessor controlled, and immune to direct sun light disturbance.
  • Fully tamper protected.
  • Powered by an incorpored battery wich is charged by a solar cell on the top of the unit
  • Current drain 80mA
  • Alarm trigger time 2 seconds.
  • Immunity R.F.
  • Working temperature -20° a + 70°.
  • Maximum humidity 95%.
  • Microwavefrequency 10.525 Ghz.  
  • “Pegaso” transmission protocol incorporated
  • Working frequency 433,92 Mhz.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 110 x 118mm.  
  • Weight: 1,2Kg.


Download this file (Istruzioni 3I-99 VR e Solaris ENG.pdf)Instruction Manual 3i-99 VR and Solaris[Instruction Manual 3i-99 VR and Solaris]665 Kb

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