VISION-8 FR Control Panel



8 zone hardwire and wireless control panel. 1 hardwired and 2 wireless sensors may be connected to each zone. Microprocessor controller. Tamper protection for removal from wall and opening. Wall mounted. Robust ABS or STEEL housing.  Selflearning of all sensors and keychain transmitters. Arm and disarmed with PEG-3 keychain transmitter supplied.  Remote arming through hardwired electronic key (optional) or with hardwired keypad with display Digit KD (optional). 

Arming in Test-control mode (“Chime function”).  Every zone maybe configured as immediate, delayed, day, night, normally closed (NC) or with double balance lines.  Alarm priority.  Alarm recyclable and non recyclable with separate relay trigger outputs (Imax 8Amp.)  Automatic by-pass of defective zones.  By-pass of all zones.  Terminal output to signal armed or disarmed.  Alarm memory.  Siren terminal output.  Terminal output for automatic telephone dialler (output for low battery and tampering of sensors). 


  • Power 230 Vca/ 50/60 Hz
  • Working frequency 433.92 Mhz.
  • SMD technology
  • Backup battery for ABS housing 12Vcc - 7,5 Ah max.
  • Backup battery for steel housing 12Vcc - 17 Ah max.)
  • Dimension ABS housing: 275 x 220 x 80mm. W.: 1.4 Kg.
  • Dimension Steel housing: 310 x 315 x 80mm.  W.: 6 Kg.


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